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Thomas Kuhn and the T. S. Kuhn Archives at MIT

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After I completed a book on Thomas Kuhn, the author of Structure of Scientific Revolutions, I thought I knew a lot about him. In my book, I argue that Kuhn’s recent, less frequently read work is key to understanding his views. Then I began to look in detail at Kuhn’s past and the influence his early work had in fields other than philosophy of science. I came across an intriguing and unexpected remark by Thomas Walker, a political scientist, in Perspectives on Politics. Walker reports that “while feeding his pet monkeys in Princeton Thomas Kuhn remarked how social scientists regularly misappropriated his idea of paradigms.” Pet monkeys? I had to know: How many pet monkeys did Kuhn have in his office? Around this time, I began conducting research in the Thomas S. Kuhn Archives at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Special Collections Library has about 26 file boxes of letters, lecture notes, drafts of papers, and other documents, which Kuhn gave to the Library after he. . .

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