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A Good Place for Philosophy?

by Martine Mussies At the beginning of the 21st century, the philosophical discourse concerning good and evil seems to be subsumed into three major areas; meta-ethics which describes the nature of good and bad, normative ethics concerning how human beings ought to behave and applied ethics which attends to particular moral issues. All three of [More]

The Logic in Philosophy of Science

2020.01.14 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Hans Halvorson, The Logic in Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University Press, 2019, 296pp., $34.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781107527744. Reviewed by Kevin Davey, University of Chicago Many of the central issues of modern philosophy of science have explicitly or implicitly revolved around questions of when two theories should be viewed as 'equivalent' -- that is, when two theories are something like mere re-descriptions of one other. For example, the logical positivists took two theories to be equivalent whenever they make the same empirical predictions. By contrast, in the post-positivist tradition many philosophers have sought to draw distinctions between theories which are empirically equivalent, arguing that some are superior to others in virtue of the basic ontology they posit or other characteristics they possess. (We see this, for example, in debates about whether this or that interpretation of quantum mechanics or general relativity is to be preferred.) In this way,... Read [More]

Two Sides Problem: Wicked Motives

While the various two sides problems can arise in many circumstances, the American two-party system provides an unfortunate exemplar. As this is being written, the Democrats are endeavoring to remove Trump from office. The Republicans, including some who savagely criticized Trump before he captured the Republican party, are endeavoring to keep him in place. As [More]