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RBG’s Replacement

After Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, Republicans claimed Obama did not have the right to appoint a replacement and this should be left to the next President.  The justified their view by asserting that because Scalia died in early February 2016 Obama had slightly less than one year left in office. Since the Republicans [More]

Gödel Without Tears, slowly, 15

Today’s short episode is a second ‘Interlude’, separating the chapters on the first incompleteness theorem from the final three chapters on the second theorem. But it mentions (or at least, gestures at) enough interesting points for it to be worth … Continue reading → The post Gödel Without Tears, slowly, 15 appeared first on Logic [More]

Negrita: The Party is Over

Upon request by Hugh Kelly, this clip from the Italian rock group "Negrita - Radio Conga." It is an interesting clip with a nice post-apocalyptic ring to it.  This Sunday and tomorrow we'll have regional elections in Italy. It is the second major electoral poll in a Western country after that Covidness struck, the earlier example was the French municipal elections of last June. The situation in Italy is very fluid, to say the least. A defeat for the government forces is expected, the question is if it will really be a landslide for the oppositions. It is all to be seen, and it is an interesting test also in view of the Presidential elections of November in the US. As it happened in France, a large fraction of the electorate, especially old people, could decide to stay home for fear of the Covid. That would favor both the Right and the Greens.I'll be waiting for the results of the Italian elections before posting a comment on this blog, in the meantime, enjoy the song by Negrita, (h/t Hugh Kelly)!  From the text of the songIf there is tension it is cured with fire hydrants, If someone dies patience, we are many, Tragic mistake, the evidence disappears, And the prison is only for those who steal chickens. Black work paid for with black money, black anger, black season, black hunger, black revolution, Black Africa is only 4 steps away! No future in my future! No future in my future! You're on conga radio from the middle [More]