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Consciousness and Fundamental Reality

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2018.02.09 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Philip Goff, Consciousness and Fundamental Reality, Oxford University Press, 2017, 290pp., $74.00, ISBN 9780190677015. Reviewed by Daniel Stoljar, Australian National University This book is an interesting and energetic exploration of Russellian monism, a position in philosophy of mind that has gained considerable attention in recent years because it promises to move us beyond the physicalist-dualist stand-off. In the first part, Goff presents a critique of physicalism; in the second, he discusses the pros and cons of different versions of Russellian monism. Ultimately, he recommends a version he calls 'cosmopsychism', the bracing idea that the universe itself instantiates a form of consciousness. Overall, the book is honest, unflinching, imaginative and argumentative; in other words, a very good philosophy book. Is it persuasive? I don't think so, and I say this not as a critic of Russellian monism,... . . .

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