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The Vindication of Nothingness

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2018.01.08 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Marco Simionato, The Vindication of Nothingness, Editiones Scholasticae, 2017, 210pp., $106.00, ISBN 9783868385878. Reviewed by Frederick Kroon, University of Auckland Analytic philosophers and classically trained logicians will probably remember chuckling at the passage in Alice Through the Looking Glass about Alice's failure to see the White King's Messenger (asked whether she could see the Messenger, Alice replied: "I see nobody on the road!" To which the King replied: "I only wish I had such eyes. To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance too!"). To many of us, this was the kind of nonsense produced by failing to attend to the logic of language, in this case the fact that words like 'nothing' and 'nobody' are quantifiers rather than noun phrases. The confusion seemed to have philosophical resonances as well. Heidegger was the philosopher who garnered special opprobrium... Read More

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