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Changing the Subject: Philosophy from Socrates to Adorno

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2018.01.01 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Raymond Geuss, Changing the Subject: Philosophy from Socrates to Adorno, Harvard University Press, 2017, 334 pp., $29.95, ISBN 9780674545724. Reviewed by Frederick Neuhouser, Barnard College, Columbia University This volume belongs to the genre of works that aim to tell us something about what Western philosophy is -- or, in this case perhaps, about what it was -- by recounting its history from ancient Greece to today (which here means, roughly, two decades after World War II). If this genre is familiar enough, the specific story Raymond Geuss tells is probably not the one you will have encountered in college survey courses or in more standard accounts of the history of philosophy. While the appearance of Geuss's book -- relatively slender compared to other such histories -- is not a reason to throw out the multiple volumes of Copleston on your bookshelf, it is an exceptionally engaging and... . . .

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