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Hobbesian Applied Ethics and Public Policy

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2017.10.09 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Shane D. Courtland (ed.), Hobbesian Applied Ethics and Public Policy, Routledge, 2018, 293 pp., $140.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781138691636. Reviewed by Robin Douglass, King's College London In the introduction to this wide-ranging collection, Shane D. Courtland observes that while philosophers such as Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill are routinely invoked in applied ethics and public policy debates, 'the Hobbesian project has been largely missing' (p. 1). The volume comprises fifteen chapters addressing a variety of problems in applied ethics, with the goal of redressing this neglect and offering 'not only a fresh take regarding those problems, but also a fresh take regarding Hobbes' (p. 2). In this review, I briefly outline the arguments of each chapter before evaluating the extent to which the volume contributes to our understanding of both Hobbes and debates in applied ethics. The first... . . .

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