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How to do Science with Models: A Philosophical Primer

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2017.08.08 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Axel Gelfert, How to do Science with Models: A Philosophical Primer, Springer, 2016, $54.99, 135pp., ISBN 9783319279527. Reviewed by Arnon Levy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Models and modeling have occupied an outsized role in recent philosophy of science. The reasons are not hard to see. On the one hand, models are widespread across a range of scientific disciplines, from elementary physics through different parts of biology to the social sciences. On the other hand, they stand at the intersection of a number of key philosophical topics. Some are classic philosophy of science topics, such as the nature of explanation and the viability of realism (Bokulich, 2011; Levy forthcoming). Given the ubiquity of models and given that they are often idealized, abstract and/or independent of "big" theories, questions concerning how a model can explain and what we may learn from models about reality take on a. . .

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